Samsung Mega 6.3 CM12.1 LP5.1.1 SPH-L600 (DOWNLOAD)

ROM: Cyanogenmod 12.1 [unofficial] (meliusltespr)
Android Version: Lollipop 5.1.1 (currently LMY49H)

ABOUT: CyanogenMod (pronounced sigh-AN-oh-jen-mod), is a customized, aftermarket firmware distribution for several Android devices. Based on the Android Open Source Project, CyanogenMod is designed to increase performance and reliability over Android-based ROMs released by vendors and carriers such as Google, T-Mobile, HTC, etc. CyanogenMod also offers a variety of features & enhancements that are not currently found in these versions of Android.

CyanogenMod 12.1 New Features
This is one of the major features that CyanogenMod has added to their ROM in recent months. As described by the team, this feature automatically optimises the screen depending on the time and ambient conditions to reduce eyestrain and improve readability. It also allows users to change the color temperature and calibration of the display depending on the time of the day.

LCD Density: This feature allows users to change the software density of their phone. This will allow users to display more (or less) content on the screen depending on their preference. A lower number means more content will be displayed on the screen and vice versa.

Notification Manager: This is a new entry in the Settings menu in CyanogenMod 12.1/12. It contains options to enable/disable Heads up notifications, the ability to filter notifications from the installed apps, change priority of notifications of the installed apps, check the apps that can read notifications on the device and more.

Lockscreen visualiser: Google added a beautiful music lock screen widget to Android with Lollipop. CyanogenMod has further enhanced this feature in their ROM by adding a visualiser to it. When any music is being played, the lock screen will also display visualisations apart from the music controls.

Ambient Display: Google added a new Ambient Display option in Lollipop on the Nexus 6, which is similar to the Moto Display feature of the Moto X. The CyanogenMod team have also added this feature to their ROM. When there is a new notification, the display of the device will “breathe” to show the unread notification. The display will also light up when the user picks up the phone so that users can view any important notifications at a glance.

Gestures: Exclusive to the Moto X, this menu contains various options that are related to features specific to it. This includes the ability to customise the double-twist gesture, the new Chop-chop gesture, Moto Display and more.

Show search bar in recents menu: With Lollipop, Google added a search bar to the Recents Menu to quickly allow users to search through their installed apps, the web and more. In case you don’t like the search bar occupying space in your Recents Menu, you can turn it off in CyanogenMod. The option to enable/disable the search bar in recents menu is located under Settings -> Display & lights.


I have waited for someone to pick up where Havealoha left off months ago and no one did.  I finally had enough and set out to pick up the needed repositories from several people and learned how to compile this ROM.  I had very little help from anyone willing to give me a moments notice in several forums and in chat.  I did stumble into Wopema71's Forum and found a link to a quick-and-dirty how-to for compiling Cyanogenmod.  I stumbled around trying my best to get a working ROM only to have the CDMA+LTE issue slow me down.  Thanks to Sileshn for pointing me in the right direction.  I was finally able to finish building the Cyanogenmod 12.1 ROM.  Enjoy!


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